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KnitIQ Extra Thick Blocking Boards for Crochet


Designed with crochet experts KnitIQ's blocking set for crochet is a best in class solution that helps you deliver professional standard results every time. It comes in a pack of 9, with reusable storage bag and 100 T-Pins included.

GRID LINES AND RADIAL CIRCLES FOR PRECISE BLOCKING IN ALL SIZES. Specifically designed for crocheters, the 1-inch circular markings make it easy to properly block doilies, round crochet blankets or other projects in a perfect circle. KnitIQ's grid markings also allow precise blocking without measuring tape to get an accurate professional finish every time.

MADE FROM THICK, DENSE FOAM. Our sturdy, but light interlocking eva foam boards are 0.75” thick and hold your pins firmly in place. This keeps your crochet, lace or needlepoint work taut while allowing pin holes to heal so that your mats will last for years to come.

INCLUDES STORAGE BAG AND 100 T PINS. Each KnitIQ blocking set of interlocking foam mats comes with a reusable bag for neat packing and transport of your foam boards. It may also serve as crochet bag for crochet yarn storage or crochet accessories and supplies and comes with a pin pack of 100 pins with smooth T-bars for ease of use.

HEAT AND STEAM RESISTANT. KnitIQ blocking boards are made from heat-resistant material and grid line colour so that you can safely steam your blocked pieces.

PAIR WITH KNITIQ'S NO-RINSE DELICATE WASH. Formulated in partnership with experts to take out the grunge accumulated during the crochet process so that your projects stay soft and fluffy while adding definition to your stitches.

DIMENSIONS: 3.1 x 13 x 7.5 inches, WEIGHT: 2.6 pounds