KnitIQ is the knitter’s brand. We’re passionate about knitting – just as passionate about it as you are.

Like many of our best ideas, inspiration for starting the company came to us whilst we were knitting. Why on earth, we wondered as we yarn-overed-and-knitted-two-together, were we using mediocre mass-produced needles and yarn? Why were we using products designed by people who didn’t love knitting as much as we did? What if there was an alternative?

The answer to the second question was the beginning of KnitIQ.

We understand that in order to create your very best work, you need high-quality equipment, designed by experts who care deeply about what they do. So we talked to the very keenest of knitters. We asked them about the things they were making, and the equipment they were using. We wanted to understand exactly what they liked and what they found frustrating, what new products would make their work more enjoyable, and how existing products could be improved. We asked them about the knitting equipment that they’d really, really, like to be able to buy in an absolutely ideal world.

Sadly, and despite our very best efforts, we weren’t able to design a magic machine that weaves in all of your yarn ends overnight whilst you’re asleep.

Sorry about that.

But we are very proud to present a growing range of knitting products, each one designed by knitters, for knitters. We sell grid-marked super-thick blocking mats, pins and soon, we’ll be adding more exciting accessories designed in collaboration with other knitters to help you.

As a British company we’re passionate about our wool-producing heritage and such plan to increasingly support independent producers. Strictly between you and me, our future plan is to help the next generation of young people begin their careers in the yarn industry by offering training and apprenticeships.

Meanwhile, why not try our products and let us know what you think? And subscribe to our social media pages to see news, updates, and offers on the KnitIQ range. Tell us what you like about our products and what you think could be improved. Show us the awesome thing that you’re knitting at the moment. Tell us about that awkward moment when you dropped your ball of yarn whilst knitting on a bus, and it rolled between the feet of eighteen other passengers and then out of the door. (We feel your pain, because we have a few embarrassing knitting stories of our own.) We never get tired of talking about knitting, so we’d love to hear from you.

And most of all, tell us about the knitting product that you would, in an absolutely ideal world, love to see on the market. We can’t make any promises, but we’ll see what we can do… unless it’s a magic yarn-end-weaving machine, of course.