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KnitIQ Crochet Mats Bundle with 4 oz No Rinse Delicate Wash


Start blocking your knitting or crochet right out of the box with KnitIQ Blocking Mats with Inch Grids, 100 rustproof T-pins and 4oz KnitIQ No Rinse Delicate Wash. Follow the instructions on your mat set to wash and block your handmades for a professional finish.

ALL YOU NEED FOR BLOCKING YOUR CROCHET. Get blocking straight out of the box with KnitIQ No Rinse Delicate Wash 4 oz, KnitIQ’s Crochet Mat Set of 9 extra thick blocking boards, and 100 rustproof T-pins for blocking your crochet projects to perfection

GRID LINES AND RADIAL CIRCLES FOR PRECISE BLOCKING IN ALL SIZES. Specifically designed for crocheters, the 1-inch circular markings make it easy to properly block doilies, round crochet blankets or other projects in a perfect circle. KnitIQ's grid markings also allow precise blocking without measuring tape to get an accurate professional finish every time.

MATS MADE FROM THICK, DENSE FOAM. This durable yet light material is 0.75” thick and heat-resistant, which means that T-pins can push deep into the foam keeping your knitting, crochet, needlepoint or lace work taut while withstanding heat if you steam your blocked items.

4 OZ NO RINSE DELICATE WASH INCLUDED. Make your garments last longer with KnitIQ’s natural detergent for delicate fibres. Its plant-based and lanolin-enhanced no rinse formula gently cleans delicate fibres while preserving their quality and softness with a subtle, yet fresh smell.

COMES WITH 100 RUSTPROOF T-PINS. Each KnitIQ blocking set comes with a reusable storage bag and 100 strong but slender stainless steel pins for ease of use when pinning and pulling.