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KnitIQ Gift Guide

Christmas is approaching fast, and we don’t know about you, but we have put off thinking about gifts until now, even though we had an entire year to sort this out. And we know we are not alone. This is why we put together a list of KnitIQ gift ideas to make life easier for you. Here’s whom to gift what:

For someone extra special

This is the ultimate deluxe Christmas gift! For those who are regular blockers and mean the world to you, you want to gift them something completely new, crafty, warm, ultra-chic and made of highest quality that is stunningly beautiful. It costs a bit more than the average pack on the market, but hey, this is a treat, one of its kind, an extra special knitting or crochet gift for an extra special person. It’s the kind of thing any passionate knitter or crocheter keeps phantasizing about: Our extra-long KnitIQ Wooden Blocking Combs:

Who wouldn’t want these?! They are the only ones out there that are not made from plastic, but wood instead. They are longer than average knit blockers and feel warm and chunky in the palm of your hands which makes them easy to handle, especially with arthritic fingers. For more information on how they work ergonomically, read our blog article here.

And what’s more: They already come beautifully boxed up in a carefully crafted wooden storage case with a security latch to make sure everything stays neatly in place. It simply is a picture-perfect Christmas gift!

For blocking beginners

For your crafty loved ones who are slowly moving from beginning to advanced and have started to dabble in blocking, you want to give them an easy start to this completely new world. Why make it hard when blocking can be super easy with the right equipment?

And you already know what a difference it makes! So here goes: How about our good old, reliable KnitIQ Premium Blocking Mat Set that comes a neat canvas storage bag and 150 T-Pins in a decorative artisan tin. Another perfect gift package for any knitter or crocheter. And the good news is: We now have our Premium Set available as well, for Crochet with concentric circles.

For advanced blockers

We simply assume that the advanced blocker already has a set of blocking boards for knitting or crochet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t surprise them. A good addition to their existing set - and for that extra little bit of indulgence when going about their craft – are our brand new KnitIQ Blocking Wires! The completely new and cutting-edge thing about them is that they come in easy-to-use safety keepers which are stored in a felt pouch for convenient and stylish storage.

For those of you who have used flexible wires before, for example when blocking out lace shawls with scallops, you would have had an experience where the sharp ends of the wires lash out in your face when unwinding them. Us here at KnitIQ, we’ve had enough of it and decided to make this better!

So we came up with a storage solution that is not only clean and compact, but also safe and easy to use. Instead of wire ends lashing out at you when opening a box, you can unwind your individual wires in a controlled manner from a disc keeper. The wires come in two lengths which cover most shawl edges and are stored in differently coloured keepers which rest in a small felt pouch that fits in any knitting bag. Blocking wires couldn’t be more up-to-speed if you tried, so why not treat your best friend or loved one to a set of these?

KnitIQ Blocking Wires
KnitIQ Blocking Wires

Alternatively, you could go for a 3 Mat Extension Kit to add to their existing KnitIQ Blocking Mat Set. Be it in inch measure, centimeter, or double-sided, we’ve got it all covered. Because it helps increase the blocking surface which is always a welcome relief in moments of despair when 9 mats just don’t suffice and we’ve got to find a solution quickly.

Paired with a generous bottle of KnitIQ No Rinse Delicate Wash you can only win. Because everyone who knows a little about natural fibre yarns will absolutely love this gift. Its natural formula with lanolin adds moisture back to the yarn fibres and its no-rinse feature prevents unnecessary strain during the washing process. This means that carefully crafted items will stay soft and in shape for much longer.

For Secret Santa

Finally, if you have to find a small item as Secret Santa for a knitty or crocheting friend, our KnitIQ Blocking Pins are a great idea, because they come in a decorative artisan tin and in various designs. The 150 T-Pins in the tin can be used for any yarn or needle craft and the tin is reusable for other small accessories. It looks fantastic in a craft box and keeps tiny pieces all in one place.

We hope this little excursion gave you an idea of what you could gift your crafty loved ones. We wish you a fantastic holiday season and a very happy New Year!!